This project was undertaken by four engineers from various teams internally from Verint's WFM department. The goal was to construct a working piece of software within the time constraint of 1 week during the company's internal Innovation Week. 
The app was built with the React framework that was contained in Electron. As the company provide SaaS products, it is becoming an increasing requirement to be able to run with Windows and macOS. Having this app running in Electron helps to achieve this.
As this is an on-going project, the front-end of the software is temporarily on hold while the team works on developing the back-end. The goal of this is to have a running back-end within Docker as this allows multiple working environments to run through a CLI. This will create a more efficient back-end than we currently have.
Tech Stack
React / Babel / NPM / Webpack / Webpack-CLI / Electron / HTML / CSS